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Maj. Gen. (ret.) Joe Brendler Presents at Cyber Beacon

Joe_Brendler_CSFI_Cyber Security Forum Initiative
Joe Brendler, Maj. Gen. (ret.) Former Chief of Staff, US Cyber Command, CSFI Cyber Security Forum Initiative Advisory Director presents at NDU’s Cyber Beacon event.

CSFI Board:

Cyber Beacon: 

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Garden Cocktail Reception at the Ambassador’s Residence

Hynek Kmoníček_Paul de Souza - Joe Billingsley

Paul De Souza, CSFI, Hynek Kmoníček, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the United States, Joe Billingsley National Defense University College of Information and Cyberspace.
Special thanks to Ludek Moravec David Frous Tereza Vorlova Daniel Peder Bagge Petra Králíčková Chudobová David Geanacopoulos and CSFI Fellow Berta Jarosova – Wonderful Garden Cocktail Reception at the Ambassador’s Residence!

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington_Paul de Souza_CSFI_Sean_Kanuck_Joe_Billinsley_Daniel Peder Bagge

Sean Kanuck, Director, Future Conflict and Cyber Security IISS, Daniel Peder Bagge, Cyber Attaché to the United States and Canada, Paul De Souza, CSFI Joe Billingsley, National Defense University (CIC) hashtag#NDU. Embassy of the Czech Republic 2018. Special thanks to Ambassador Hynek Kmoníček and staff!

Berta Jarosova-CSFI Fellow
Berta Jarosova, Trainee, Department of Cybersecurity, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and CSFI Fellow (Czech Republic). Thank you Berta for supporting our CSFI mission in the Czech Republic!


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Paul De Souza is a new Negev Hi-Tech Faculty Startup Accelerator Advisor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


Paul De Souza is a new Negev Hi-Tech Faculty Startup Accelerator Advisor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Special thanks to Erin Margolis and Shlomi Dolev #BGU Ben-Gurion University of the Negev – Advisors:

Ben-Gurion University (אוניברסיטת בן-גוריון בנגב) is a center for teaching and research with about 20,000 students. Ben-Gurion University was established in 1969 as the University of the Negev with the aim of promoting the development of the Negev desert that comprises more than sixty percent of Israel.

The need for the creation of a faculty start-up pre-accelerator emerged from the first lecture of Prof. Jeffrey Ullman of Stanford University, at BGU (when the Computer Science Department became independent, back in 2000). Prof. Ullman delivered his belief that research in computer science should lead to industrial realization, in particular as part of a start-up founded by faculty members.


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UK/US Cybersecurity Partnership

The UK/US partnership has been a bulwark of international security for over 70 years. Honouring Our Partnership in Cybersecurity.

Paul de Souza US - British cyber efforts

Paul de Souza CSFI British Embassy


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Career Thoughts

I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to manage and run one of the biggest and most active forums on the Internet dealing with cyber warfare and cyber security – CSFI (The Cyber Security Forum Initiative). With over 16 years of cyber security experience, I continue to actively raise Cyber Warfare/Cyber Security awareness worldwide. I have worked as a Chief Security Engineer for AT&T, where I designed and approved secure networks for MSS. I have also consulted for several governments, military and private institutions on best network security practices throughout my career.

CSFI and its divisions CSFI-CWD (Cyber Warfare Division), CSFI-LPD (Law and Policy Division) and CSFI-WD (Wireless Division) continue to grow and expand with more than 60,000 information security members.

One of my personal goals is to serve our security community to the best of my abilities, in the protection and defense of our American national security interests, the American people, and that of our international partners. I am always ready to serve and to give of my time and skills to help our society with the growing problems we experience in cyberspace. I thank God and my family for the opportunities I have had in life and the most precious of all opportunities, which is the chance to serve others. I love what I do, and I appreciate all the support I have received from friends, family and our CSFI members.


Paul de Souza, CSFI Founder Director