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CSFI Trains and Certifies Spanish Cyber Forces – OCT 2016


ISDEFE and the Spanish Cyber Command become CCAs (Certified Collections Analyst). CSFI effectively deployed a six-day intense training in Madrid, Spain covering Cyberspace Operations Planning and Design along with Cyber Intelligence and Collections hands-on training/certification. The training was well received in Spain by dramatically enhancing the Spanish cyber operational capabilities. Such engagements can bring America closer to our NATO allies in cyberspace. CSFI would like to recognize the exceptionally warm hospitality provided by the Spaniards during this training effort.

ccasCCA Spanish Audience Trained and Certified by CSFI. OCT 2016.

csfi_training_spain_2CSFI Instructor Anthony Guess-Johnson supervises the Cyber Ops Planning Process

cca_instructor_james_reaganCSFI Instructor James Reagan instructs the Spanish audience.

CSFI Instructor/Director Joe Billingsley and Paul de Souza, CSFI Founder observe the CCA training hands-on exercises.

csfi_cca_training_classState of the Art Training Cyber Infrastructure

Joe Billingsley, Paul de Souza, and James Reagan discuss Cyberspace Operations Planning

csfi_training_spainClass is engaged in going through the cyberspace operations planning process to achieve their METs.

james_reagan_guess_johnson_paul-de-souza_joe_billingsley_spain_isdefe_modCSFI Training Team: James Reagan, Anthony Guess-Johnson, Paul de Souza, and Joe Billingsley.

Spanish VIP Room

closing_csfi_isdefe_remarksClosing remarks by ISDEFE leadership and Paul de Souza, CSFI.

The Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Omaha, NE and in Washington DC with a mission “to provide Cyber Warfare awareness, guidance, and security solutions through collaboration, education, volunteer work, and training to assist the US Government, US Military, Commercial Interests, and International Partners.”

It was an honor to support a strong NATO ally to help improve their cyber security posture. As we work closely with our NATO allies we all become stronger. The Spanish government understand the importance of persistent training.






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Career Thoughts

I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to manage and run one of the biggest and most active forums on the Internet dealing with cyber warfare and cyber security – CSFI (The Cyber Security Forum Initiative). With over 16 years of cyber security experience, I continue to actively raise Cyber Warfare/Cyber Security awareness worldwide. I have worked as a Chief Security Engineer for AT&T, where I designed and approved secure networks for MSS. I have also consulted for several governments, military and private institutions on best network security practices throughout my career.

CSFI and its divisions CSFI-CWD (Cyber Warfare Division), CSFI-LPD (Law and Policy Division) and CSFI-WD (Wireless Division) continue to grow and expand with more than 60,000 information security members.

One of my personal goals is to serve our security community to the best of my abilities, in the protection and defense of our American national security interests, the American people, and that of our international partners. I am always ready to serve and to give of my time and skills to help our society with the growing problems we experience in cyberspace. I thank God and my family for the opportunities I have had in life and the most precious of all opportunities, which is the chance to serve others. I love what I do, and I appreciate all the support I have received from friends, family and our CSFI members.


Paul de Souza, CSFI Founder Director

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