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Janne Haldesten – New CSFI Fellow!

Janne Haldesten, CSFI Fellow, senior cyber security specialist at Cybercom Group - SWEDEN.

Janne Haldesten, CSFI Fellow, senior cyber security specialist at Cybercom Group – SWEDEN.

















Janne Haldesten is a senior cyber security specialist at Cybercom Group where his focus areas include red-teaming, network forensics, incident response as well as executive-level advisory.

He has an armed forces background and over fifteen years of years of cyber security experience where he has worked as an adviser and subject matter expert to various government organisations and corporations nationally and internationally in matters regarding national security, critical infrastructure protection, information assurance, incident handling and investigation.

He teaches at the Chief Information Assurance Officer program (CIAO) at the Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies at the Swedish Defence University (CATS/SEDU) within the planning and architecture block and the areas of log management, intrusion detection and threat awareness. He is also a council member and occasional guest lecturer at the IT forensics and information security program at Halmstad University where he teaches cyberintelligence, IT security and offensive security techniques apart from being engaged in research activities.

Previous engagements include the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), the Swedish Technical Cloud Committee (SIS TK/542) and most recently the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).


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CSFI – Cyber International, LLC Efforts in Turkey


On March 14th CSFI and Cyber International, LLC ran a series of panels and discussions in Ankara in order to help create cyber security awareness and collaboration between the US and Turkey.


TOBB Economics & Technology University Cyber Awareness Conference Panel: International Cyber Collaboration Efforts
THK (Turkish Aeronautics Association) University Panel:
CSFI Air Traffic Control Scenario

CSFI would like to thank all involved in this great cyber security effort! Specially Mr. Sinan Eraydin, CEO of Cyber International, LLC for making this all possible. CSFI would also like to thank our panelists Mr. Sinan Eraydin, Paul de Souza (CSFI), USAF (ret) Col Timothy Evans, and Brigadier General Marc H. Sasseville. The Turkish universities and the Turkish MoD were very hospitable, and superb hosts!

TOBB_ETU_Paul de Souza_Tim_Evans_Sinan Eraydin_Brigadier General Marc H. Sasseville_



Brigadier General Marc H. Sasseville

Brigadier General Marc H. Sasseville


TOBB ETU Audience

TOBB ETU Audience

TOBB ETU University Students

TOBB ETU University Students


Special thanks to Serkan Aktaş, EMEA Programs Manager at Cyber International, LLC, and Gen Semih Kosucuoglu. 


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Mark Kelton – Thank you for your service!

Mark Kelton and Paul de Souza

Mark Kelton and Paul de Souza, 


It is an honor to have Mr. Kelton on the CSFI Advisory Board. Mr. Kelton brings a vast knowledge of the IC and clandestine operations. His contribution to our American National security is unparalleled. Mark Kelton presided over the Bin Laden raid in Pakistan.

Mark Kelton
CSFI Advisory Director Former Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service for Counterintelligence (DDNCS/CI) – CIA, Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Security Studies Program of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.

Mr. Kelton has comprehensive expertise in the detection of insider threats, assessments of counterintelligence risk, and crisis management. Mr. Kelton’s distinguished career included sixteen years of overseas service, to include four assignments in key CIA field leadership positions.

-U.S. Naval War College, College of Naval Warfare (MA with highest honors in National Security Affairs)
-Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (MA in Law and Diplomacy; International Security Studies)
-University of New Hampshire (BA in Political Science)
-Valley Forge Military Academy (Prep School)

CIA Vision, Mission, Ethos & Challenges

CIA’s information, insights, and actions consistently provide tactical and strategic advantage for the United States.

Preempt threats and further US national security objectives by collecting intelligence that matters, producing objective all-source analysis, conducting effective covert action as directed by the President, and safeguarding the secrets that help keep our Nation safe.

The officers of the CIA are guided by a professional ethos that is the sum of our abiding principles, core values, and highest aspirations. This ethos holds us on course as we exercise the extraordinary influence and authorities with which we have been entrusted to protect the Nation and advance its interests. CIA’s ethos has many dimensions, including:

We put Nation first, Agency before unit, and mission before self. We take pride in being diverse, inclusive, agile, responsive, and consequential.

We uphold the highest standards of lawful conduct. We are truthful and forthright, and we provide information and analysis without institutional or political bias. We maintain the Nation’s trust through accountability and oversight.

We bring the best of our diverse backgrounds and expertise to everything we do. We are self-aware, reflecting on our performance and learning from it. We strive to give all officers the tools, experiences, and leadership they need to excel.

We accomplish difficult, high-stakes, often dangerous tasks. In executing mission, we carefully manage risk but we do not shy away from it. We value sacrifice and honor our fallen.

We stand by and behind one another. Collaboration, both internal and external, underpins our best outcomes. Diversity and inclusion are mission imperatives.

We preserve our ability to obtain secrets by protecting sources and methods from the moment we enter on duty until our last breath.

Key Challenges
Close intelligence gaps with enhanced collection and analysis on the countries, non-state actors, and issues most critical to the President and senior national security team.
Fulfill our global mission to give customers decision advantage as they confront an unprecedented volume and diversity of worldwide developments that affect US interests.
Leverage technological advances for better performance in all mission areas—collection, analysis, covert action, and counterintelligence—while protecting against technological threats to the security of our information, operations, and officers.
Improve the ways we attract, develop, and retain talent to maximize each CIA officer’s potential to contribute to achieving mission.
Better manage Agency resources during a period of fiscal austerity.
Work for the CIA today!


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June 2016

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Career Thoughts

I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to manage and run one of the biggest and most active forums on the Internet dealing with cyber warfare and cyber security – CSFI (The Cyber Security Forum Initiative). With over 16 years of cyber security experience, I continue to actively raise Cyber Warfare/Cyber Security awareness worldwide. I have worked as a Chief Security Engineer for AT&T, where I designed and approved secure networks for MSS. I have also consulted for several governments, military and private institutions on best network security practices throughout my career.

CSFI and its divisions CSFI-CWD (Cyber Warfare Division), CSFI-LPD (Law and Policy Division) and CSFI-WD (Wireless Division) continue to grow and expand with more than 60,000 information security members.

One of my personal goals is to serve our security community to the best of my abilities, in the protection and defense of our American national security interests, the American people, and that of our international partners. I am always ready to serve and to give of my time and skills to help our society with the growing problems we experience in cyberspace. I thank God and my family for the opportunities I have had in life and the most precious of all opportunities, which is the chance to serve others. I love what I do, and I appreciate all the support I have received from friends, family and our CSFI members.


Paul de Souza, CSFI Founder Director