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Capitol Technology University Partners with the Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI)

CSFI President Paul de Souza, CSFI Fellow James Reagan, and Professor William Butler.

CSFI President Paul de Souza, CSFI Fellow James Reagan, and Professor William Butler.

Capitol Technology University is a National Center of Academic Excellence.

Capitol Technology University is a National Center of Academic Excellence.

Capitol Technology University this month announced a new partnership with the Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) to expand cyber security training to confront the growing problem of cyber attacks. Under the agreement, students at Capitol and professionals in the cyber security industry who have completed Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) coursework will be eligible to earn credits toward a masters or doctoral degree in information assurance from Capitol.

The shortage of knowledgeable cyber security professionals is putting consumers, businesses and governments at risk around the globe. In April, hackers compromised the computer network of Home Depot to gain access to the account information of 56 million credit card holders.

Last year, Target said that credit and debit card information for 40 million of its customers had been compromised. These and similar attacks make training and education for cyber security professionals critical.

“The timing for the partnership between Capitol and the Cyber Security Forum Initiative couldn’t be better,” said Dr. Michael T. Wood, president of Capitol Technology University. “There is a global demand for more qualified cyber security professionals. To address this need, Capitol and the CSFI will work to educate and train individuals and award them credits toward certifications and masters and doctoral degrees in information assurance at Capitol.”

“The global threat to cyber security is growing rapidly and malicious attacks are increasing in both size and scope – look at the massive breaches at Home Depot and Target,” said William Butler, Information Assurance program chair at Capitol Technology University. “This is not merely a domestic concern. More often than not, hackers live abroad. Cybercrime is an international problem and it requires cooperation and training across borders to fight it.”

“It is an honor for the Cyber Security Forum Initiative to partner with Capitol Technology University,” said Paul de Souza, CSFI Founder President. “Capitol brings tremendous cyber capabilities to the table combining engineering, computer science, and information assurance. CSFI will continuously work with Capitol to promote the enhancement of such capabilities through workshops, events, and training. Capitol is a DHS/NSA nationally recognized Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education. CSFI supports Capitol’s mission and believes in creating positive synergy through our partnership.”

As part of the MOU, Capitol will host a series of CSFI training sessions. The one day sessions are offered to cyber security professionals and a limited number of Capitol students and will expose attendees to very current cyber security issues. The first workshop will be held on Friday, December 5. If you are a cyber security professional interested in learning more about upcoming CSFI/Capitol Technology University training sessions, please contact CSFI at or Professor William Butler at

Capitol Technology University offers a unique masters and doctoral program in information assurance that is taught predominantly online. The program is designed for employed professionals who are seeking advanced education that will allow them to perform as senior leaders, program developers and policy makers in the information assurance field – specifically cybersecurity. Capitol’s geographic proximity to Baltimore and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area gives students a substantial advantage.

Previously known as Capitol College, Capitol Technology University announced its designation as a university on Oct. 1, reflecting its identity as an educational institution dedicated to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curricula across undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.

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About Capitol Technology University

Capitol Technology University is the only independent college in Maryland dedicated to education in engineering, computer science, information technology and business through practices of leadership and innovation. Founded in 1927, Capitol offers associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, a Doctor of Science in Information Assurance, professional development training and certificates. Academic programs are grounded in centers of excellence; these include the Space Operations Institute, the Critical Infrastructures and Cyber Protection Center, the Innovation and Leadership Institute, and the Center for Space Science Education and Public Outreach. The university campus is located in Laurel, Maryland, a suburban setting midway between Baltimore and Washington,

About the Cyber Security Forum Initiative

The Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Omaha, NE and in Washington DC with a mission “to provide Cyber Warfare awareness, guidance, and security solutions through collaboration, education, volunteer work, and training to assist the US Government, US Military, Commercial Interests, and International Partners.” CSFI was born out of the collaboration of dozens of experts, and today CSFI is comprised of a large community of nearly 41,000 Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare professionals from the government, military, private sector, and academia.


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Career Thoughts

I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to manage and run one of the biggest and most active forums on the Internet dealing with cyber warfare and cyber security – CSFI (The Cyber Security Forum Initiative). With over 16 years of cyber security experience, I continue to actively raise Cyber Warfare/Cyber Security awareness worldwide. I have worked as a Chief Security Engineer for AT&T, where I designed and approved secure networks for MSS. I have also consulted for several governments, military and private institutions on best network security practices throughout my career.

CSFI and its divisions CSFI-CWD (Cyber Warfare Division), CSFI-LPD (Law and Policy Division) and CSFI-WD (Wireless Division) continue to grow and expand with more than 60,000 information security members.

One of my personal goals is to serve our security community to the best of my abilities, in the protection and defense of our American national security interests, the American people, and that of our international partners. I am always ready to serve and to give of my time and skills to help our society with the growing problems we experience in cyberspace. I thank God and my family for the opportunities I have had in life and the most precious of all opportunities, which is the chance to serve others. I love what I do, and I appreciate all the support I have received from friends, family and our CSFI members.


Paul de Souza, CSFI Founder Director

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