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Berta Jarosova

🇨🇿🇺🇸🇨🇦What a pleasure to have breakfast with the new Cezch Cyber Attaché to the United States and Canada, Berta Jarosova!

Berta has consistently demonstrated the highest standards of professional conduct in everything she does. She’s undoubtedly a national asset to the Czech Republic! The United States and Canada will highly benefit from her work here in DC. I will miss Michal Thim, but I know I will see him around. 🙂

✨Welcome to Washington DC, Berta

Picture: From left to right, Berta JarosovaDr. Paul de Souza, and Michal Thim.  

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HammerCon 2022

Paul de Souza, CSFI/MCPA and Joe Billingsley MCPA

🎖️HammerCon is a top-notch military cyber event in America! Leading military cyber professionals came together to discuss the latest threats, technologies, and approaches to keeping our nation safe.

🇺🇸 Some of the incredible featured speakers were Jeff Moss, Chris Inglis, Paul CraftChristopher Cleary, PMP, CISSPCongressman Jim Langevin Thomas WingfieldChris RobertsAmanda MasonDiane M Janosek, PhD, JDScott StalkerMark MontgomeryGeorge FranzCarmine CicaleseBrad E Rhodes, CISSP-ISSEP, CISM, GCIH and many others!   

🇺🇸 Whether you are a seasoned military cybersecurity professional or just getting started in the cyber military field, HammerCon is a must-attend event for the warfighter who wants to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving cyberspace operations domain. 

🇺🇸 A special thanks to Joe BillingsleyChristine BillingsleyMilitary Cyber Professionals AssociationCyber Security Forum InitiativeCapitol Technology UniversityDr. William (Bill) ButlerBradford Sims, Ph.D., FRAeSMISSION BBQNational Security Agency and many others! 

I had a wonderful experience, and I am looking forward to next year’s event! #MCPA#CSFI

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Paul de Souza and Sarah Lovell

Paul de Souza, CSFI and USAF First Lieutenant Sarah Lovell

🌟It is incredible how one small gesture, introduction, email, phone call, or one moment can change someone’s life for the better. 

We’ve all met people who were a great influence on us, which in turn led us to inspire others. It can become a beautiful cycle of encouragement. 

At #HammerCon I ran into Sarah Lovell, one of the most positive and talented officers I have ever known. 

So proud to see her growth and inspiration to so many others.

The cycle of inspiration that began with Gen Guy Walsh and Christine de Souza, and so many others continues!
Cyber Security Forum InitiativeMilitary Cyber Professionals Association#CSFI#MCPA#militaryAir National GuardCapitol Technology University

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Cyber and Intelligence Discussion

Paul de Souza, Christine de Souza and Cynthia Strand

Great evening with a few #CSFI crew, Christine de Souza(USAF Cyber Warfare Operations Officer) and Cynthia Strand(former CIA/ and a CSFI Advisory Board Member), at the Capitol Hill Club for some productive cyber and intelligence discussion. 
Cyber Security Forum Initiative #cybersecurity#intelligence #cyberwarfare

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Presenting at GISEC 2022 – DUBAI

Paul de Souza, CSFI (GISEC 2022 – Dubai)

🇦🇪🇮🇱 I was honored to introduce H.E. Ambassador Amir Hayek, Israeli Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, to the #GISEC Israel nation stage and to present alongside him. 

✅ Since the landmark signing of the **Abraham Accords** in 2020, the subsequent months have witnessed the rapid enhancement and strengthening of diplomatic and economic ties between the UAE & Israel. Bilateral trade between both countries since the signing of the Abraham Accords has reached around USD 675 million. It is estimated that this could multiply many times over in the coming years.

✅ Special thanks to H.E. Dr. Mohamed Al-Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber Security, United Arab Emirates Government, and his Excellency Yousuf Hamad Al Shaibani, Director-General, Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC). 

✅ I would also like to thank the elite GISEC Global Advisory Committee – including the UAE Cybersecurity Council, Dubai Electronic Security Center, the Telecommunications & Digital Government Regulatory Authority, ADNOC, and Dubai Police HQ for their support and continued guidance in making GISEC the largest Cybersecurity event in the Middle East and Africa.

✔️ A special thanks to Welma Williams and team, Aviad TamirVlad Fomenko, and the Israeli team. #cybersecurityleadership#middleeast#security#dubai#israelIsrael Export Institute מכון היצואCyber Security Forum Initiative#CSFI

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Welcome to CSFI Senior Fellow Neringa Lenčiauskaitė (country of Lithuania)!

CSFI Senior Fellow Neringa Lenčiauskaitė (country of Lithuania)!

High-level individual interest in geopolitics, counter-terrorism, Islamophobia, radicalization, traveling brought me to #CSFI(thanks to LinkedIn and Paul de Souza). I aim to convey fundamental changes to international security through fostering cyber knowledge and skills. There is a highly desirable, expected outcome and “win-win” collaboration on a long-term basis for both CSFI and me as the senior fellow in the country of #Lithuania

I identify myself as an educator but not a teacher, lifelong learner but not student, advisor but no bureaucrat. I refer to lifelong learning as an essential part of my personal and professional path, and an even more meaningful part of it is to be able to share it with others and contribute to the change.

I am a certified practitioner of Global DISC, with additional valuable expertise in the exclusive competencies portfolio.

I have over a decade of experience in project management that has been developed to initiate, drive, and deliver large-scale projects within organizations or with external funding. I assess proposals at national and European levels, providing training, seminars, and workshops in intercultural and multicultural environments. I am listed as a mentor at a national level in Enterprise Lithuania, coach and accredited partner of Global DISC, an external expert in the European Commission for the evaluation of proposals in the fields of “soft” topics like education, intercultural communication, social policy, diversity, inclusion and equity, migration, human rights, and inter-religious dialogue. #cybersecurity#counterterrorism#humanrightsNATO

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Sean Plankey joins CSFI Advisory Board! 🇺🇸

Sean Plankey

👏 Welcome the newest member of our #CSFI Advisory Board! Sean Plankey is the former National Security Council, The White House Director for Maritime and Pacific Cybersecurity Policy, and is currently the Director of Cyber Missions at DataRobot

Sean Plankey currently serves as the Director of Cyber Missions at DataRobot, leading efforts to utilize DataRobot’s advanced Artificial Intelligence platform to solve the most pressing cybersecurity problems across industry and government. Before DataRobot, Sean served as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). In this role, he was directly responsible for the Sector-Specific Agency role under Presidential Policy Directive 21 (PPD 21) and the Emergency Support Function #12 (ESF-12) for the Department of Energy, as defined by the National Response Framework. 

Mr. Plankey also served on the National Security Council as the Director for Maritime and Pacific Cybersecurity Policy, where he co-authored the National Maritime Cybersecurity Plan and multiple Presidential Directives on offensive cyberspace operations. He has also served as the Global Cyber Intelligence Advisor for BP plc and the Deputy Chief Information Officer for US Navy Intelligence.
Cyber Security Forum Initiative#CSFI#cybersecurity#nationalsecurity#maritimesecurity#intelligence

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AvengerCon VI

Paul de Souza, Bryson Bort and Thomas VanNorman

🎖️Attending #AvengerCon VI! Delighted to have stopped by the ICS VILLAGE booth to chat with Bryson Bort and Thomas VanNorman, CISSP, GICSP

Cyber Security Forum Initiative#CSFI is a proud sponsor of the ICS VILLAGE and its mission! 

✔️AvengerCon is a free security event hosted every fall by MISI to benefit the hackers of the U.S. Cyber Commandcommunity and the U.S. Army 780th Military Intelligence Brigade. The event is open to all service members and employees of U.S. Cyber Command and United States Department of Defense personnel supporting cyberspace missions. AvengerCon features presentations, #hackervillages, training workshops, and much more.

Special thanks to the National Security AgencyGRIMM (SMFS, Inc.)US ArmyUnited States Air ForceUS NavyUnited States Marine CorpsU.S. Coast GuardUnited States Space Force and of course Armando Seay, the DreamPort team, Mark Klink, MAJ Milchak, and James Hatfield. #nationalsecurity#cybersecurity#ICS#iotsecurity

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The Harvard Club of Boston 2020.

Paul de Souza, Cyber Security Forum Initiative (Harvard)

The Harvard Club of Boston is a private social club located in Boston, Massachusetts. Its membership is open to alumni and associates of Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

The Harvard Club of Boston is a private social club located in Boston, Massachusetts. Its membership is open to alumni and associates of Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. The club was established in 1887, and its current clubhouse was dedicated on January 14, 1963.

The history of the Harvard Club of Boston can be traced back to an informal meeting held on November 13, 1886. Eighty-two men attended this meeting at the Hotel Vendome. The first President of the Club was elected, annual dues were set at $10 (equivalent to $220 today), and officers for the next year were chosen.

The purpose of the Club was stated as follows: “That an organization be formed among alumni of Harvard University who shall maintain fraternal relations between themselves; shall render mutual assistance to each other; shall promote social intercourse among their families; shall cherish with pride and protect Harvard traditions; and shall uphold the good name of Harvard.”

The first meeting was held on December 12, 1893, at No. 483 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. At that time, there were 23 members present. The first officers elected were Robert Winship Wood (1852-1923), President; George Rice Atherton (1862-1950), Secretary; Frederick W. Babbitt (1854-1952), Treasurer; and Charles Eustis Francis (1852-1928), Legal Advisor. These four also became the first Board of Trustees for this corporation which was designated as “The Harvard Club.” A formal constitution adopted in February 1894 included provisions that vacancies occurring before the expiration of a term could be filled by the Board. At a meeting held January 13, 1895, President Wood announced that a fund of $500 had been raised and this money was invested so as to provide the association with an income. Subscriptions were set at three dollars per year.

The first regular monthly meeting of the Harvard Club of Boston was held on Thursday, February 24, 1894, at 483 Boylston St., in Symphony Hall. After some discussion about where future meetings should be held it was voted “that from now on meetings be held at No. 2 Newbury Street.” On Wednesday evening January 30, 1895, the H-Club members met again in Symphony Hall where they elected new officers for 1896: Frederick W. Babbitt (1854 -1942), president; Arthur T. Hadley, vice-president; Henry W. Parker, treasurer; and E. B. Perry, corresponding secretary. At the 1896 H-Club annual meeting held on Wednesday evening March 20 in Symphony Hall, Russell H. Chittenden was elected president to succeed Frederick Babbitt who moved from Boston to New York City upon his retirement from Harvard College in June 1895 after forty years of service, ending as both mathematics tutor and dean of studies at Harvard College (1874).

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CSFI Meets with Brazilian Cyber Commander Gen Heber Garcia Portella

CSFI Cyber Policy Research Fellow Miriam Hinthorn and Brazilian Cyber Commander Gen Heber Garcia Portella

🇧🇷🇺🇸 #CSFI meets with the new Brazilian Cyber Commander Gen Heber Garcia Portella (#ComDCiber) in Brasilia! 

✔️The Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) was a notable international guest and represented America in the Brazilian national exercise Cyber Guardian 3 in #Brasilia alongside other international organizations from Austria, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and the Fórum Ibero-Americano de Defesa Cibernética (FIDC). 

It was an honor for CSFI to be the only 🇺🇸 #American organization to attend and observe the various cyber activities geared towards protecting the critical Brazilian infrastructure. **Brazil is a cyber powerhouse**. It is in the interest of the United States to develop a better collaborative approach/strategy with Brazil in cyber defense matters. 

📍Cyber ​​Guardian 3.0 is a simulated exercise of practical cyber protection activities with the participation of information technology leaders and experts. Coordinated by the Cyber ​​Defense Command (ComDCiber), located in Brasília (DF), the event took place from October 5-7. It brought together 65 organizations and 350 specialists in information technology from Brazil’s strategic sectors, including civilians and the military. This powerful cyber event in South America is an ongoing effort of the Brazilian Ministry of Defense as part of the National Security Strategy of the Country of Brazil. 

📍Watch this outstanding event video with more details:

An extraordinary thanks to our very own CSFI Cyber Policy Research Fellow Miriam Hinthorn, Gen Heber Garcia Portella, Gen Guido Amin Naves, MSc Max CamposHelio Sant’AnaEster Carvalho Jardim BorgesAntonio BorgeLuciano Menna and many others! 

Brazilian Army (Exército Brasileiro)Marinha do BrasilForça Aérea Brasileira – FABPresidência da República#cybersecurity#criticalinfrastructure#ICS#IOT#SCADA#ciberseguridad#cibersegurançaCybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency#USCYBERCOMThe White HouseUnited States Department of Defense

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Career Thoughts

I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to manage and run one of the biggest and most active forums on the Internet dealing with cyber warfare and cyber security – CSFI (The Cyber Security Forum Initiative). With over 16 years of cyber security experience, I continue to actively raise Cyber Warfare/Cyber Security awareness worldwide. I have worked as a Chief Security Engineer for AT&T, where I designed and approved secure networks for MSS. I have also consulted for several governments, military and private institutions on best network security practices throughout my career.

CSFI and its divisions CSFI-CWD (Cyber Warfare Division), CSFI-LPD (Law and Policy Division) and CSFI-WD (Wireless Division) continue to grow and expand with more than 60,000 information security members.

One of my personal goals is to serve our security community to the best of my abilities, in the protection and defense of our American national security interests, the American people, and that of our international partners. I am always ready to serve and to give of my time and skills to help our society with the growing problems we experience in cyberspace. I thank God and my family for the opportunities I have had in life and the most precious of all opportunities, which is the chance to serve others. I love what I do, and I appreciate all the support I have received from friends, family and our CSFI members.


Paul de Souza, CSFI Founder Director